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Political leaders and legislators are currently discussing over whether they ought to ban using cell phones while driving. Regardless of the political argument, few would disagree that using a cell phone was a kind of distracted-driving, in addition to being really dangerous, particularly with nearly 1 out of 5 crashes involving a sidetracked driver. Research from the Texas Department of Transportation exposes that out of the 3,377 Texas traffic related deaths in 2013, 460, an overall 14 percent had involved a distracted driver, whereas 32 percent of accidents involved an intoxicated motorist.

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Neil likewise said that he personally wished to thank all of their Amazon customers for voicing such appreciation for the front seat car organizer, an idea put forward by moms and dads with children who were simply too small to reach for something in a backseat organizer, indicating that a parent would need to reach back for something while driving, becoming a significant concern for lots of US moms and dads, who went on to voice their opinion to Freddie and Sebbie. He included... "This is the third accessory that Freddie and Sebbie has developed after paying attention to recommendations made by our customers, and I want to include that we plan to make a couple more in the near future. We have an amazing amount of feedback from our clients about the quality of our products, with a number saying that they can plainly see why we are one of the few companies that offers a life time headache free replacement guarantee."

The spokesperson commented that one mother customer had said she had in fact stopped driving til she was able to get her hands on a front seat car organizer, stating that she had recently been involved in a minor traffic mishap, and blaming herself for ending up being sidetracked while grabbing for her ipad in the backseat organizer.

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Freddie and Sebbie has recently reduced the suggested price of the auto organizer to just 19.97, intending to lure American car owners to buy their specific product, which guarantees to be the best vehicle storage organizer for all modern accessories and requirements, in addition to having simple front seat accessibility, which they say will help stop drivers from having to turn round to reach something, while they are driving, assisting to lower interruption caused road traffic accidents.

Neil described that sadly there was no means to adapt the backseat organizer into a front-seat one, so the company chose to make the essential adjustments to produce the Freddie and Sebbie front-seat auto storage organizer, which is presently being introduced solely on Amazon. He added... "We are proud to announce the launch of our latest product on Amazon, and really grateful to all of our customers for mentioning such an essential requirement for motorists with smaller children, which enabled us to develop the utmost in automobile storage organizers. Without a doubt, this automobile storage organizer will certainly be incredibly helpful for all motorists, as it has actually been created to store all typical sized electronic devices, snacks and beverages, with everything kept together at arms length."

The luxury car seat organizer was first released on Amazon by Freddie and Sebbie in the middle of December 2014, after guaranteeing clients an organizer for simpler access on the front passenger seat, making it more practical to grab items while driving. The product is currently showing a typical star rating score of 4.8 from the very first 22 Amazon confirmed customer evaluations, the majority being optimal 5.0 star ratings.

Official spokesperson, Neil Speight, has recently verified the launch of the Freddie and Sebbie Vehicle storage organizer, solely sold on Amazon. He stated... "This auto organizer is quite like the Freddie and Sebbie backseat organizer, however has recently been particularly adapted to be utilized on the front Passenger seat, so aiding the vehicle driver with a lot easier access to anything needed on the trip, like a hand-held gadget or justsnatching a quick drink when thirsty."

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