Are Sports Athletes More Subject to Toe Nail Fungus?

More than 90% of nail fungus infections attack the toe nails. The hands have more blood flow than the feet. Lack of blood makes spotting an infection in the toenail harder for the body's immune system. It also renders the disease more difficult to heal. So if your toenails need fungus treatment read on.

If your nail starts to rise from the nail bed, or brings about discomfort or emits an odor, you have a severe case of an infection. If home cures were your course of treatment and you have these extreme signs, end treatment and contact your doctor.

Highly infectious, nail fungal germs should be given serious attention. If you are living with somebody who is infected, you are vulnerable to catch it too. If this is your scenario, you have to keep clear of the other person's nail grooming devices and gently advise them to keep their nails dry and clean.

Keeping your nails healthy is the best way to avoid getting an infection, and not having to stress over finding a treatment for toenail fungus. You do this by practicing proper hygienics of the hands, feet, fingers, toes, socks, shoes and in public locations. You can avoid this annoying ailment that afflicts over 30 million individuals in the US if you simply exercise some basic steps described here.

You can lower the chance of getting a toenail fungus infection by just subjecting your feet and toes to loads of fresh air. If socks are something you have to put on, only utilize ones that are fresh and clean. See to it the socks you pick can be bleached if you do have a fungus infection. Try to avoid cover your feet if you are just sitting around in your home.

Tea tree oil is an efficient all natural remedy you can attempt if your infection is in the beginning stages. Drawn from the Melaleuca tree in Australia, this powerful anti-bacterial oil is really efficient at killing fungus and germs on the skin. Use care when applying this powerful antifungal agent compound. It can aggravate the skin.

Among the most efficient treatment options are over the counter products. Choose an OTC medication that's made from proven natural ingredients plus and FDA authorized active ingredient. When you buy an OTC treatment make sure to comply with the recommendations and carry on treatment up until the infection is entirely gone and a new nail is growing back.

It takes no less than 3 months and up to a year to entirely kill off a toe nail fungus infection. Toenails grow slowly, therefore the long treatment time. Although you may knock-out the fungal infection in a few weeks, the brand-new nail needs to take hold before you are free of fungus. Check out this video for Toenail Fungus Treatment - A Fast Cure For Toenail Fungus ...

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