Are dashboard cameras the future of road safety

In fact there are a variety of extra functions which are readily available on the more expensive cams so it is wise to identify which functions you need. These can include G-Shock recording, GPS recording, movement detection and even BlueTooth connection.

dash mounted camera

In fact the UK authorities have recently launched an initiative requesting in car camera owners to supply them with any video footage they have of prohibited driving. This consists of inconsiderate motorists jumping red lights, parking on white zigzag lines and a variety of other offences that frequently go unpunished due to the absence of witnesses and solid proof.

This newest development in motorist safety is the in car cam , also called the dash cam , it offers a variety of benefits however lots of drivers are unaware of how this gadget might help them. So it's time to obtain a much better understanding of them by taking a look at what they are and what they do.

There's also the opportunity you capture a unusual occasion that will make a fantastic post for your Facebook wall. Who knows you could tape the next big thing that goes viral! The possibilities are unlimited as to exactly what you might record.

Most of us want to keep up to date with the most recent innovations specifically if they can make our life easier, safer and happier. When it concerns driving there's one little device that possibly can do all of that for everybody.

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