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If you are looking for snacks, boiled eggs (dhim) are popular while there is an abundance of fresh fruit with mango's being especially popular.

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Out with its cities Bangladesh is a country of vast natural beauty. To the far south east lies Cox Bazar, the longest unbroken sea beach in the world, boasting pristine sandy beaches, coconut palms and tropical climates. On the opposite coast bordering India's West Bengal lies the Sundarbans ('beautiful forests') which is the largest single mangrove forest in the world.

As a county, Bangladesh offers a multitude of places to visit.

As with any major city there are many attractions and sights to visit but some of the most popular are Lalbagh Fort (a 17th century Mughal Fort), the Liberation War Museum and on the outskirts of the city Sonargaon (the ancient capital of Bengal during Isa Khan's ruling).

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