Extreme Sports, A Way of Life

Kiteboarding, or kite surfing, and be magnificent to watch, and an even bigger thrill to participate in. It is definitely an adventure sport and has a deep attraction for many who love spending time on the water. An adventurer may cruise around a lake on his or her board just to enjoy the day, or he or she may be entered in a sporting event where a certain course has been constructed for participants. Speed kiteboarding is also popular for many. As with all other races, the fastest contestant wins. It can be a tricky sport to learn, but can also be an awesome way to spend a summer day on many lakes.

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Hang gliding is an adventure sport that has been around for years. As with many adventure sports, it is best to learn from a trained professional. These air craft, if you will, are non-motorized sails that are foot propelled on the ground off of a cliff, for example. The wind catches the glider and can then be controlled to move in all directions by the adventurer. Hang gliding technology has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in the 1880s. Now adventurers can glide for several hours, and have more maneuverability than ever before.

Mountain boarding is a relatively new adventure sport, but one that is definitely growing in popularity. The board itself is longer than a traditional skateboard and much narrower than a snowboard. The large, knobby wheels allow the rider to bounce over fairly rough terrain. These boards can handle anything from city streets to BMX tracks and mountain biking trails. Mountain boarding does not require any type of trail or track in order to be a great time.

Adventure Sports provide an Adrenaline rush like no other

BASE Jumping may be one of the most heard-about and read-about of adventure sports. The inherent danger in this sport can, indeed, be higher than in many others. There are also more and more laws being put in place to make it illegal to BASE jump from certain buildings, bridges, and other structures. These laws may stop some BASE jumpers, but it certainly does not stop all of them. BASE jumping is using a parachute to jump from the top of a fixed object. As long as jumpers can find suitable jumping-off points, there will always be a fine line between an adventure sport and an illegal activity in this case.

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