Following in the footsteps of Rhonda Byrne Attracting your desires

The third needed energy of the Law of Attraction is expecting to receive.

Inevitably a large number of us need more answers. Indeed, it's somehow comforting to explain manifestation like this: To be exact - that matter and energy are the same thing. You know, energy and matter are, incomprehensibly, somewhat similar. We cannot now doubt our emotional energy can , rather amazingly, change events which are happening in the people around us, and the places around us.

I know others call it by a different name, yet desire always serves as the necessary divine energy associated with creating what we want in our lives.

Seems impossible? Sure, why would you not be somewhat doubtful? This is hard to believe. My sense is a state of, shall we say, being nervous is very much to be welcomed as a way of keeping yourself safe. So in this situation, I invite you to free yourself from the constraints of the past, for we damage ourselves when we strive to cast doubts upon the truly god-given gift of our ability to manifest reality on earth.

The prime one of them is resolution. The majority use a different word: dedication. This outlook is significant when manifesting changes in life since it sends the universe a clear signal about your belief in your capacity to acquire your aim.


Most books agree that if you're aiming to attract your wishes, or to achieve some goal, as described in the recent work The Secret, there are various quick conditions which always have to be met.

There seems to be a prevalent opinion shared by researchers into the art of conscious manifestation that expectancy is the least important of the controlling factors. I don't agree with that, and I think this premise or view has come about is because expectancy is more difficult to identify. It is certainly mixed up in some people's minds with the concept of the need to receive.

There is apparently a prevalent opinion shared by experts on the methods of mindful creation that expectancy is the least significant of the factors at work in conscious creation. I really don't agree with that, and I happen to believe this assumption or view has grown in strength is because anticipation is more challenging to identify. It is almost always mixed up in some people's thoughts with the idea of acceptance.

Take it from me, you need to really appreciate the essential element of passionately held desire for a specific change, imparting energy for change in your life.

This is often regarded as another critical part of conscious creation. But, you may wonder, what does expectancy mean? Well, to me it implies exactly the same energy as anticipation which is so strong it is unquestionable. Quite simply, expectancy is being in a state of expectation - expecting the universe to manifest your goal. It's not just weakly desiring, but being certain that your desired objective will manifest. This is a kind of belief, but there is a cognitive difference of meaning. Try this: you think that you can win any lottery for which you purchase a game ticket, but you usually do not expect to win a million, even though you have seen that some very happy man or woman wins a major prize every draw.

Why? Well, because wholehearted commitment is the required sign to your unconscious mind that you are committed to forging ahead to the goal you set yourself. When the cosmic intelligence is sure you are determined to get your targets, your unconscious starts to work in a profoundly different way and produce unexpected opportunities in your life and thereby direct you towards your desires more adeptly than seemed within the realm of possibility.

And you need not seek an explanation, for how strong desire may create (or destroy, for that matter) conscious creation is unknown. I might as well say, this is about universal forces which are beyond our understanding.

Without a doubt resolution is a powerful signal to your unconscious mind that you are clear about achieving your objectives. And if the cosmic intelligence accepts you are determined to get your aims, your connection to cosmic intelligence begins to function in a spiritual way and change reality and thereby pull you towards your outcomes faster than seemed realistic.

Please always keep in mind there's no question of the importance of the eternal necessity of intensely felt desire for your own betterment, offering hope for a better future.

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