Infant In Rear Facing Safety Seat Makes It Through Terrible Automobile Crash

Neil Speight added: "Without any doubt whatsoever, the backseat infant mirror has exceeded our preliminary expectations more than any other product we currently sell on Amazon. It's truly incredible how only one single change to legislation can all of a sudden make a product so popular practically over night." The Freddie and Sebbie co-director discussed how the recent modifications to US legislation concerning the requirement for babies to remain seated rear-facing in their safety seats til they reach the age of 2 years, had been a major element for this product's success.

Freddie and Sebbie Back Seat Baby Mirror

While just being launched on Amazon mid-November in 2014, the Freddie and Sebbie backseat infant mirror has gotten nearly 300 positive customer reviews from happy US moms and dads. In a just out interview, business co-director Neil Speight stated that he was still recovering from shell shock after having seen such explosive success in under 6 months trading solely on Amazon.

In a current 5 star validated Amazon client evaluation for the Freddie and Sebbie back seat mirror, Julie Williams says... "I bought this to make use of for when I babysit, and have to deliver my grand son. 30 years earlier, my child's car seat looked forward, so I had no trouble seeing to it he was fine, however not so in 2015 with rear-facing safety seats. This mirror is exactly as explained, so with no doubt, with all the products on the market for babies these days, this is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" must haves!"

Another optimal score rating by Erika L Kiah states that this child mirror is perfect. She says... "I was gifted one that had the lights. Wish I was able to recall the name, however it was horrible, never got it at an angle where I could see the infant and the reflection was warped and bad. This Freddie & Sebbie mirror is perfect! The reflection is crystal clear, the fact that you can pivot the mirror enabling you to get the perfect angle. My kid is 1 now and will certainly be rear faced for another year, so I was after something where I would be able to see him on road trips and stuff like that, specifically if he has snacks or a sippy drink. I currently have it on the middle headrest in my Avalon, with it well angled to see him in his seat on the passenger side. The straps enable you to get a truly tight fit, and it was a very simple set up, taking under 2 minutes."

Two cars were involved in a head-on collision last Sunday which led to the death of a young mommy, according to Lakeland authorities spokeswoman Ann Dinges, who had been notified of the incident by the Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Car Seat Safety - Car Seat Best Practices

Many moms and dads who bought the device on Amazon have actually commented about simply just how much the backseat infant mirror has altered their lives. In a recent 5 star product evaluation, Amazon confirmed customer Graham N. states the mirror is nice and safe and secure, by using the straps around the headrest. He adds: "The articulating pivot has about enough flex to angle back toward our child car seat. Other brands we bought were too versatile, and would have to be altered continuously. Oh, and for other very first time parents with SUVs, who aren't understanding where to put this thing, the idea is to secure the automobile safety seat in the center, while attaching this infant mirror to the far headrest. Then it's simply a question of angling it so a child can be seen while gazing in the rear-view mirror. Hope that is of help for some other sleep denied parents!"

Freddie and Sebbie business rep, Neil Speight, has actually discussed how they have turned into one of the pioneer stores to offer this infant seat accessory on Amazon, saying... "We managed to launch the infant mirror on Amazon in early November 2014, in the nick of time for the new regulation changes this year. The initial response by clients has been outstanding, with the product receiving over 250 client reviews, most of which have been 5 star rated scores. As a company we are pleased to have designed an accessory that has made the decision of keeping kids rear-facing longer, a much easier one for moms and dads to take, and an even better choice for a kid's security in the event of a traffic accident."

Official spokesman for Freddie and Sebbie, Mr Neil Speight, discussed the accident, and stated... "Such a disaster for that poor family, but at least someone had the sense to put the child in a rear facing safety seat, which no doubt has actually saved her life. I hope that other moms and dads see how essential it truly is for their child's security too. I understand many moms and dads do have issues to really position their baby in a manner whereby they are not visible to them, however that issue can be dealt with by having a baby mirror installed, which will permit parents to constantly be able to watch over their loved ones whenever required."

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