Liquid Grip: How Sweating Will Really Make Your Climb up Easier

Liquid Grip is a water-based hydrocellulose thickener that enables rosin and chalk to mix in a suspension formula. This new and ingenious product dries within seconds of applying and when dry binds with the fatty acids in the hands and does not transfer to any item - including the ball. Rosin powder and chalk for basketball both leave a residue of dust that transfers and eventually can be breathed in by the user causing discomfort. And by pain we are discussing burning lungs and eyes ... Liquid Grip exceeds both rosin and chalk while leaving no mess or transfer and providing the user a longer, more efficient grip.


You may be believing that you don't need to utilize our completely amazeballs Liquid Grip because you use chalk for lifting, or straps, or grips, or you are totally invincible like Superman! Well, * nerd alert * even Superman got injured from time to time due to Kryptonite, so ... yeah. Don't act hard (read: absurd) and run the risk of hurting yourself just to impress others. You go to the fitness center or workout in your home to enhance yourself and you ought to only feel that you need to impress yourself. Don't let something as simple as a blister or torn skin on your hands avoid you from being the most strong and badass version of yourself that you can be.

As we said, passing is the most crucial ability in the game and there are two primary types of passes, the chest pass and the bounce pass. However neither will work if you do not have actual control and a great grip on the ball. And if you need to perform a one-armed pass with your weak arm and you're making use of chalk for basketball rather than Liquid Grip - who knows where the ball will end up. However not if you have Liquid Grip.

Grip strength training

So why after all of that, screw around with chalk? Firstly, you have to keep reapplying it and it gets everywhere. On the floor, on your jersey, up your arms, everywhere. And yeah M.J. and LeBron make it look cool when they throw it up into the air - but come on. And what if you forget to reapply it and now your hands are very greasy with sweat? Now you need to keep rubbing them on your jersey and shorts to keep dry.

What is Liquid Grip anyhow? We are so glad that you asked. (And by the end of this article, you will be too.).

If you are being beat off of the dribble then you are actually opening the lanes for the opposing teams' gamers to run amok, get rebounds and rating. Whereas if you really include the dribble and enter your defensive position, that means you will get more defensive rebounds. I.e. Less points for them and more points for you. Go group!

Block chalk is chalk which is compressed into, you thought it, a block. This is standard in a lot of fitness centers for weightlifters and indoor climbers. Merely break off a piece and bash it around till it develops into the powdery kind that the majority of people are accustomed to. Have you ever observed how much chalk is on the floor surrounding among those stands? OK, sure, everyone has that a person person or gal at the health club who thinks they're LeBron James, tossing the chalk into the air like a demi-god. Other than they do not make $25 million a year and we're talking about everybody else. Those people who have to take a trip back to the tower above, and over, and over again to reapply. Oh, and did we discuss that chalk blocks are the most inexpensive chalk you can purchase?

The very best offense is a excellent defense. Which doesn't hold more true than in basketball. If you lose your balance, fall for a phony shot, or worse - fumble the ball or toss it from bounds, you are going to let your team down. You need a terrific stance, incredible focus, and lightning quickly reflexes with one hell of an Olympic grip to obtain the ball far from the opposing group. That's where Liquid Grip can be found in handy.

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