Parents Get Support To Teach More Than Basics & 123S To Children

With absolutely nothing negative to state about the accessory, Gina LaKour writes... "We purchased the bath numbers and letters on Amazon, and I would highly recommend this product with no doubt whatsoever. I have a 2 year old myself, and she truly enjoys her bath time playing and learning with the numbers and letters. They stick well to the wall and offer much entertainment, making bath time fun at our house. Bag that numbers and letters are held in is ideal too, and in fact large enough to hold some other bath toys also."

Baby Bath Toy

One senior lecturer at the University of Sydney explained how recently she has observed a shift in how videos games are viewed by educators, stating... "When I started teaching 15 years back in a US high school, both educators and parents just saw video games as entertainment, which only motivated passive engagement, so for that reason had no need to be on the school curriculum."

The educational toy has been extensively praised by the majority of buyers on With an average rating of 4.8 stars, it is formally the number-one rated bath foam letters and numbers toy on The toy includes 36 foam letters and numbers contained in a bath mesh bath toy organizer. All the letters and numbers are 100 percent BPA free, phthalate free and lead free. The Freddie and Sebbie Bath Letters and Numbers toy is perfect for infants and toddlers in preschool and pre-kindergarten, manufactured from Eco-friendly and high-quality materials that are safe for parents and kids. The mesh bag offered with the item is perfect for keeping all the letters and numbers in one place while permitting them to air. has actually just recently published a short article which focuses on just how much more there is to teach kids than just the ABCs and 123s, and how new applications have handled the duty of revealing to parents ways to get the very best out of their youngsters academically. The article states that in 2012, P.J. Gunsagar and Dylan Arena produced Kidaptive and released their very first iPad app, Leo's Pad. It stars Leo, a young creator with a tree-house lab, and combines sections of an animated story with a variety of mini-games. It's been downloaded over 800,000 times, with an App Store rating floating near the optimal five stars.

The short article exposes that there is science hiding behind the fun, saying it is a tool implementing cutting-edge understanding in developmental psychology, that closely tracks the cognitive progress of its young users and adjusts the app's level accordingly, but likewise saying it is a toy, however one that collects a remarkable amount of information on how it's being made use of, with Gunsagar and Arena assisting to put that information to good use in order to assist moms and dads enlighten their kids.

While some parents get stuck on simply teaching children the ABCs and 123s, others have actually found new applications that go a great deal further in boosting a kid's scholastic side around skills like categorization, symbolic representation, and turn-taking.

"Most of our products offer conveniences to dads and moms and fun for toddlers and infants," Speight said. "We're proud of this toy because it offers a learning element that helps children learn to spell and count while having fun in the bath. Children like to have fun in the bath and this is a great way to provide them that whilst also teaching them the basics they will certainly quickly find out in school."

Another American Grandma continues the great reviews, and says... "My two 1.5-2 year old grandsons definitely love this choice! Considering that they have actually each received the letters and numbers that stick to the tub and walls when they're wet, it's the only bath toy they play with. It's a little uncertain to me why they enjoy them so much when they're too young to be learning to spell, however if having fun with the letters works for them, it works for me! The bag is extremely convenient to keep them in (and to bring along when heading out of town). Best bath toy we've found!"

He explained the learning procedure, and said... "During our early stage, a complicated blending of genetics together with our early great and bad experiences wire our brain's cells and regions together. Then in time, progressively sophisticated networks are formed, which will certainly either serve to help or impede future knowing and happiness. It's the brain's incredible flexibility throughout a youngster's first 5 years that prepares them to learn about their world, however at the same time making them susceptible if they do not get the possibility to learn about reading and composing from their parents in the house."

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