Roadway security and dashboard cameras, how are they connected?

In the UK there are more than 1,500 whiplash claims a day and the estimated expense to insurance businesses is ₤ 2 billion a year. The Association of British Insurers mentions on their internet site We are actively working with the insurance industry and the government to eliminate fraudulent and exaggerated claims and make the system more efficient for genuine claimants.

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In fact the increase in insurance plan premiums for everyone was put down to more insurance fraud claims on the road. With scam artists always prepared to come up with more sneaky plans to fool innocent motorists it is a good idea to take precautions. The best way to secure yourself and your no claims bonus is to have video footage of any sophisticated fraud ready to provide.

Many individuals have actually begun to make use of dash cams in their cars nowadays and the advantages are evident to them. Understanding that, ought they have a road mishap, they can present video footage of the incident to their insurance provider is a big assistance. No matter if it's a huge crash or a slight scrape having the event taped and kept as a video is a excellent support in any insurance claim procedure. And that's simply in an incident where the other party is being honest and cooperative. In hit and runs or dishonest plans by dubious con artists the dashboard camera's video footage ends up being essential. In these cases the dash camera can be used to aid you in protecting your no claims bonus and getting justice by possibly prosecuting the offender.

Scammers in Russia are so desperate they will literally toss themselves in front of moving cars. Many will willingly suffer busted bones in return for a lump sum pay out. But these kinds of frauds aren't unique to Russia there are a variety of deceiving schemes that occur in the UK too.

dashboard cameras can also be set to tape-record all the time. Which makes them highly beneficial for tape-recording bumps and scrapes when you're not at your automobile. With lots of mishaps taking place in parking areas and with lots of perpetrators driving away without leaving their information the dashboard camera serves you well right here.

In fact top psychologist Geoff Rolls discusses it thusly "Traffic accidents happen so quickly and cause such stress that it's highly likely the recollections of the people involved will be sketchy, even without taking into account the fact that people naturally interpret things to their own advantage. Dashcams provide a solution to this problem, and can even discourage dangerous or inconsiderate driving by making motorists accountable for their actions."

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In fact many of the leading UK insurance firms are aiming to minimize rates for drivers with dashboard cams. Leading insurance firm SwiftCover have taken the step of cutting prices by 10 % for dash cam users. They think dash cams make motorists "more careful on the road".

So by now the benefits of having a dash cam to supply you with an additional sensation of security must be apparent. In fact 40 % of individuals questioned in a current study mentioned that they feel more secure in a vehicle with a dash cam fitted. By now you might be asking yourself which type of dashboard camera should I buy?

High end video cameras will offer extra features such as G Shock detection which records when there is a collision and after that safeguards that video footage so it is not taped over. Another feature which some models have which can assist in saving space on the SD card is motion detection. This function records when motion is sensed. This is a excellent function for vehicles being left over night in places where vandalism or parking bumps may take place.

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