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A crucial policy in flooring setup is to open numerous boxes prior to setup and MIX UP THE PLANKS. This can provide your new floors a more constant or uniform look. Occasionally, different boxes have various tones of the very same floor type. By mixing the boxes, you avoid having various appearances in the flooring in different locations of your home. Blending the planks is recommended more for wood and tile, and less for laminate flooring. Laminate flooring has a more consistent look, while hardwood or tile have a more natural look, providing a higher possibility of different colored and shaded planks.

It is essential that you determine the DIRECTION OF THE PLANKS. For a much better look, you can run your laminate "long-ways", nevertheless, your wood MUST run "perpendicular" to the underlying beams.

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For much better protection versus scratches, dirt, and moisture; you need to make use of area rugs or mats at entranceways, corridors, or anywhere dirt and traffic can impact your new floors.

Keep pets nails trimmed and avoid high heels.

Extreme temperature changes in your home can cause wood to broaden and buckle or contract and create gaps between the planks. Hardwood is a natural product and reacts to conditions like temperature and humidity.

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